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​Active Shooter Course

Smart Firearm Training, Guardian Defense, and Ability Arms offers a free Active Shooter Course Lasting Impact Church on an as needed/requested basis. Whether you are armed or unarmed, you’ll learn skills that will optimize your chances of survival if you are armed and if you’re unarmed. Guests include Krav Maga defense expert Ted Manolis, firearms instructor and retired NYCPD Trevor Elcock, Instructor and Deputy Ray Hightower, Missy Hall from GPD. All of us will be available to answer your questions.

In Case You’re Armed You’ll Learn:
-     What to do and not to do if you find yourself in an active shooter situation
-     When to engage and not engage an active shooter in a crowded and chaotic environment
-     How to avoid being misidentified when law enforcement shows up

In Case You’re Unarmed Ted Will Show You How to:
-      Disarm a pistol and a long weapon from the front and from the side.
-      How to ambush an attacker as he forces his way into a room

After the verbal teaching portion is completed, you’ll be given the opportunity to practice two armed scenarios.

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