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​Armed & Unarmed Citizen Response to Active Shooter

Live Scenario Training  Using Simunition® Non- Lethal Rounds

A Life Threatening Incident is 
  • Surprising
  • Chaotic
  • Rapidly Changing

If a violent person burst through the door of your home, where you work, or in your church would you know what to do? Would you freeze up and panic? Would your loved ones know what to do? Training with paper targets is good, but can you defend your life in a stressful situation?

Stress degrades your marksmanship and diminishes your judgment. We pray you are never caught off guard but if you are, scenario training  can inoculate you to the incapacitating  effect of stress. You will gain skills and confidence needed that can give you an advantage over someone who intends to harm you.

Your body won’t go where your mind hasn’t already been. Scenario training prepares you mentally and physically to defend yourself if ever needed. The same non-lethal ammunition used to train the military and law enforcement is used in situational training that feels very real. You will be approached by the “bad guy” and will learn when and how to respond.

Scenario Training Opportunities include:

  • Active Shooter 
  • Home Invasion 
  • Public Robbery
  • Knife Attack

Recommended Prerequisite for Scenario Training: Defensive Pistol (A combination of defensive and scenario training is available)

Cost: Each scenario is custom created for your situation; therefore, costs will vary and depends on the scenario. Costs start at $150 per student. 

We also offer up to four scenarios for up to four people from same group so the cost can be split. 
Please call 404 444 8768 for more details.

Course Dates: We'll gladly schedule a Scenario Training Experience around your schedule. Please contact us to set up a time and course.

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