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​Home Invasion Defense

This course will help you gain the knowledge and develop skills needed to protect yourself in your home.
We will show you how to:
  • Make Your Home A Less Desirable Target
  • Create A Plan that can Save Your Life
  • Develop Your Defensive Skills
  • Create A Safe Room for Your Loved Ones To Flee to When There’s No Other Option
  • Gain a Strategic Advantage When Forced to Engage a Threat: Identify Choke Points and  Cover
  • Q&A with instructor and local law enforcement officers

And much more!

This is not a live fire class, but a course intended to equip you with the "know how" needed in order to be prepared in the event of a home invasion.

Cost: $10 per household (includes a handout with course material and light refreshments)

Please Call (404) 444 8768 to schedule a class.

We also offer a free link to our Home Invasion Course Notebook as well (no strings attached, no subtle pressure, or obligation) just free! Send us a message and let us know where we can send the link.